The Cowichan Valley Lifestyle Cheap & Easy Mostly Vegetarian Cookbook

Cowichan Valley Lifetstyle

Cowichan Valley Lifestyle


“… some respects the Cowichan Valley is like Napa Valley, California was during the early 70s…….” William Edward Summers

The book is an ebook format and is perfect for following along the recipes on a tablet or smart phone while preparing the meal. The digital format makes it easy to quickly send as a gift to relatives and friends who are fans of the South Vancouver Island lifestyle.

The author, William Edward Summers, is a second generation “foodie” and in addition to having designed houses and buildings throughout the West Coast for many years is also a former restaurant columnist for a San Francisco newspaper. He also spent time as a vegetarian while living in a yoga ashram years ago.

The easy to read PDF version is available here for $3.50. Included free with your purchase is the idea plan book “Cabins, Cottages, Garages & Shops” Please use the contact form for questions or to inquire about the signed, numbered 43cm x 28cm archival print of the book cover in an edition of 80

“Cabins, Cottages, Garages & Shops” The idea planbook is included free with your PDF purchase. See the Youtube presentation;


SPECIAL : orders of five or more can be shipped directly to a recipient with a gift notice from you for $2 USD each during November and December 2015. Canadian dollars at par during November 2015 Attach list of recipients’ email with your PayPal payment or use form

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Southern Vancouver Island, the Canadian Riviera

gateway and flowersSouthwest British Columbia has emerged as the choice location for lifestyle in Canada. Many think of this area as being the Canadian Riviera. Southern Vancouver Island is the number one desired retirement location of 80% of Canadians and has become a region filled with retired diplomats, executives, and economic expatriates. We will offer our view of the lifestyle, design, architecture of Southern Vancouver Island.

One area that is still under the radar is the Cowichan Valley, some think of it as Vancouver Island’s version of Napa Valley. It is a serene area of agri-business, hobby farms and quiet small town living.

April and March this year were very nice. Walks through Duncan, the primary hub of the valley,  captured the beautiful spring atmosphere.  It is much less expensive than nearby Victoria and actually has better weather. The Natives called the Cowichan Valley “The Warm Land” and the description is apt.

Walk Along Cliff Road
Walk Along Cliff Road



Pink blossoms near the Garage Cafe.
Pink blossoms near the Garage Cafe in Duncan.


Renovated cottage duncan
Renovated cottage on Cliff Road in Duncan







Duncan is a perfect option for those who are interested in renovating a small cottage in a quiet small town atmosphere. Other interesting small towns are Chemainus, Ladysmith, Cowichan Bay, among others. Outside of the towns are beautiful hobby farms and agricultural acreage which has been turned into vineyards and farms..

Tudor cottage in Duncan
Tudor cottage in Duncan
Walking trails at hospital with fence post
Entrance to the walking trails next to the hospital.