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Cheap & Easy Mostly Vegetarian Cookbook

The Cowichan Valley Lifestyle Cheap & Easy Mostly Vegetarian Cookbook by William Edward Summers is a unique publication that captures the serene lifestyle of Cowichan Valley, British Columbia`s version of 70s Napa Valley, California.

The book is an ebook format and is perfect for following along the recipes on a tablet or smart phone while preparing the meal. The digital format makes it easy to quickly send as a gift to relatives and friends who are fans of the South Vancouver Island lifestyle.

The author, William Edward Summers, is a second generation “foodie” and in addition to having designed houses and buildings throughout the West Coast for many years is also a former restaurant columnist for a San Francisco newspaper. He also spent time as a vegetarian while living in a yoga ashram years ago.

  It is available in batches of five or more, to be mailed directly with your name in the subject line as a gift from…  (your name) and a digital gift card enclosed along with the free idea plan book “Cabins, Cottages, Garages & Shops” as a free bonus. For groups of five or more the price is $2.00 USD  each (Canadian dollars at par during November 2015).

Please use the form to list the email addresses of the gift recipients. You will be sent a paypal invoice for your order. Since every order is manually filled please order early to avoid disappointment.  For single copy orders go to    Item  #15A

Cowichan Valley Lifestyle

30 x 50 Two Story Shop with Apartment 

Other great gifts for the real estate investor or builder is the 30 x 50 two story shop with apartment complete building plans. Item #B15 $149.00

30 x 50 elevation

The Enhanced Garage with Apartment

The enhanced Garage With Apartment is also perfect for a home office site or as a revenue property. Complete building plans. Item #C15

enhanced garage with apartment front view with shade


Enhanced Garage with apartment floor plan
Enhanced Garage with apartment floor plan

To order use any of the forms on this site to place an order. You will receive a PayPal invoice. To order single book copies go to the main post .