When Dialysis is not Available During An Emergency


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2 Book Bundle: 

When Dialysis is Not Available During an Emergency

Natural Treatments and Reported Cures For Kidney Disease

What can be done for a Dialysis patient when dialysis is not available in a protracted emergency of some sort, when access to a hospital is not available? In recent major disasters, such as the hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Houston, or Hurricane Sandy, people who could not get access to dialysis died.

This short ebook provides strategies for increasing your chances for staying alive when regular dialysis is not available.

Please save this book on your phone if you or someone close to you might need the information.

Even if you are only in stages 1-4 of Chronic Kidney Disease please keep this in the event you need it later.

Included in this bundle is “Natural Treatments and Reported Cures For Kidney Disease” for those that are in stages 1 -4 of Kidney disease.


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